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human-computer-interface and new media discussion group


Are you interested in why and how we use computers? Do you think often about radical reshapings of the digital landscape? Love projects from MIT Media Lab and NYC ITP?

The HCIANMDG (also known as the human-computer-interface and new media discussion group) is a space for software-adjacent folks to talk about the future of computers, their interfaces, and their applications. We meet every week on Monday at Oakshire Brewing on NE 42nd to read papers, talk about projects, share our work, and/or grumble/wax poetic about the future of computing.

A few definitions, to start us off:

human computer interface:

new media:

social rules

Read these before joining us.


I’ll come each week with a few questions and quotes prepared from some reading (see the list below.) There’s no obligation on the part of attendees to do any reading, but it’s encouraged and fun if you do! Consider bringing a printout of whatever you read so we can pass it around.

Some samples of relevant works that I’ve read or am planning on reading: