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The Society for Unrealized Digital Occurences


Every week, the SUDO meets to make some weird stuff with computers. Some call this software art, new media art, digital poetry, or computer art.

This is a time-boxed, low-pressure, casual, creative event for us to engage in a little hobbyist programming. No prior experience is necessary.

social rules

Read these before joining us.

If someone is regularly breaking those social rules, or is otherwise making attendees uncomfortable or being especially unpleasant, they will be asked to stop attending.

Please contact me if you see this happening.


Each meeting follows the same structure:

You’re welcome to use whatever language or tools you want, and you don’t need to use the prompt.

Don’t feel restricted to making something visual or typically “artistic”. This is an opportunity to build something just for fun.

technologies to inspire

A common and beginner-friendly choice of technology is p5.js, which has an online editor

javascript client-side libraries with interesting applications:

general creative coding resources:

for beginners

For absolute beginners with no programming experience, you’re still encouraged to come! Some additional beginner materials might be useful, to acquaint you with some of the basic ideas behind programming:

Consider pair-programming with others to build familiarity with these new tools and concepts. And of course, feel free to ask for help.