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There’s something I find particularly delightful about running tastings. Either blind taste tests, in which the goal is to identify the differences between foods and perhaps a personally preferred form of something, and also more general tastings where we’re exploring the realm of taste.

This page is a record of the tastings I’ve been doing.

head-to-head: Jalapeno Potato Chips

The only thing I remember from this tasting is that Tim’s Jalapeno chips was the best by far.

head-to-head: Vegan Cream Cheese

This one was conducted months ago, but the conclusions were, in broad strokes:

  1. Violife (tasted extremely cheesy, it’s wild. I’m not even vegan and I’m not sure I could tell the difference.)
  2. Nuurish (contains non-animal whey, so not suitable for folks with dairy allergies.)
  3. Kite Hill (potentially a lower-than-typical rating, as the samples had been in my fridge for a bit before the others.)
  4. Tofutti (a powerfully beany undertone that is surprisingly difficult to hide with other flavors.)
  5. Miyoko’s (a weirdly strong vinegar taste, and an odd color and texture places this solidly in last place.)

general records of wine